Friday, 5 October 2012

Jewelry Coathanger

I have been wanting to do this project for ages now, and I started it two weeks ago, but it proved to be
more than a 10-min project so it went to the bottom of my priorities. But today seemed like a great day to complete an old project.

 The reason it proved to be difficult is that I wanted buttons as a cover-up for my nails, but neither superglue or any other kind of glue I used had any affect on the nails+button-combo. You might have a gluegun (I have one, but of course, no refills left), and you should try that, or you have some other kind of glue that might work, but what do I do when I ain't gots good glue?
It took two weeks after I'd painted it, to think of something, and then it hit me; milk-bottles! I cut a small square out of a plastic milk-bottle, and put it on the nail. With a lighter, I melted the tips, and shaped the plastic to fit around the nailhead. Now, if you like having any sensation left in your fingertips, I suggest using pliers for both lighting the plastic, and shaping it.
For the shaping, I used my fingers, but that's just because I'm stupid and I have to touch everything.
It will look like a plastic cap for your nail. The glue now has a base to stick to, and the button will stay put.

But while I was doing this, I realized that it was far too plain for me, so I added some texture on one of the sides. I had an old napkin from Zuma, and it had this great beige base and beautiful green heart on it, so I cut out some pieces, and got to work with my homemade mod-podge.

 For the metal, I put a Jute-bow as a cover-up, but I'm not completely satisfied. I tried a flower as well, but I don't know.. I'll have to think about that one for a bit, but for now, I'm quite pleased :)
Tomorrow I'm making my first crocheted bangle cover-ups, so let's see how that turns out!
Have a great Friday :)