Saturday, 29 September 2012

Birdcage lamp

Despite not actually doing much on this, I am so proud of it, probably because I actually opened some wires and managed to successfully put them back together again (and I didn't steal the idea from someone else ;) I really like the look of it on my shelf as well, with the bare lightbulbs and white flowers inside. The birdcage was a gift from Jian  on Valentines Day (because he rocks, and listens when I rant about what I want in shops), and it looked awesome on its own. But we needed a lamp, and I had spare wires, so I present the result.


Skeleton Leaf Fairylights!

This is one of the longest projects! Because it was a long project, this will be a bit of a long post as well.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

In honor of...

...horrible cramps!
I finally came up with an idea for what to do for Jian's birthday, and I am just so relieved! You know, when you're broke and you kind of just give in and say "I'll just have to give him something great next year", but you're still so sad that your special someone has to have a birthday without a gift. He's male as well, so it's not like I can just make something cute to hang jewelry on, add some flowers and wrap it pretty! So I've been working on that all day. It's small, but very timeconsuming, especially since I want it to be something he'll actually use, so it has to look professional (no pressure for my mediocre hands). Am I the only one who finds it extra hard to come up with ideas for a homemade gift for men?
Back to the cramps; I can't show you what it is until the 3rd of October, so I thought I'd share with you a project I can't wait to do tomorrow morning. Making my own heating pads. I think this will be in a lot of people's gifts from now on. ;) ..don't think I'll make mine red though.
Anyhooo - there's a full tutorial, but this is not really something you can fail with. And how cozy do they look? Quick and easy, but with a great feeling of accomplishment (the best way to craft)!
I think I'll make one specifically for shoulders as well. That'll be nice for the coming winter.
 What are you making for the coming winter? Is anyone else starting to mini-panic about christmas gifts?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Applique tablecloths

Today has been a very productive day. No housework, but I've crossed out two very tedious tasks from my list; making the skeleton leaves, and finishing the set of my applique tablecloths.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Internet down!

My internet is acting up, but I will be back with more goodies as soon as possible!
Birdcage lamp
Ikea paperlamp updo
Jewelry coathanger storage
What will I do with my newly salvaged drawers?
I bet you're all trembling with anticipation ;)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Craftroom organizing

Today I have continued my...I don't know what to call it really. Not too long ago we rescued a shelf, a baby changing table, a shoe rack and an old wardrobe from being taken to the dump. They all fit our house perfectly, with only small flaws on each one. Now, the wardrobe fell down and broke in pieces, but I managed to save 4 of the boards, with no idea what to do with it. But surprise! With some of these things, I turned our old laundry room into a craft-room/office. It won't be an office until we get a better desk, as Jian is quite tall, and the wardrobe-boards that I flipped upside down and used as a desk, is a bit too low for his comfort. For me it works ok as a temporary solution. It's better than sewing and whatnot in the livingroom, as my crafting had a tendency to spread all over the place.

As always, I digress. Now, the last board from the wardrobe, I turned into this.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Vanity Mirror on a budget!

Despite me being sick, and not having a job, I still can't fully rest as there are lots of birthdays coming up! Now, my boyfriends family is pretty silly - they all have birthdays from August to December, and quite frankly it just pisses me off! I mean, space it out for a poor, broke couple! And Christmas is right afterwards, by which time we are more than broke, but I still want to have a Christmas-dinner I can't afford. Now, they don't celebrate Christmas, but I just love it, so it's all up to me.
Anyways, I digress. Last month Jian's sister (that's my boyfriend) had her birthday, and we made her this homemade vanity mirror for her room that was missing both a mirror and light. Did anyone say perfect? We were quite pleased with the results, but unfortunately the picture isn't very good.

Sickday already

I've been pretty ill lately, so I want to make something, but I can't gather my head enough to actually do it. SO, I thought I'd put up some links to projects I really want to try, but facing the truth; I probably wont.
My partner's grandmother gave me her old sewing-machine recently, and I just love it. But despite my nagging her through my teens, my mom never actually taught me how to sew, so I'm really bad at it. I still try though, and here's some of the projects I want to try next:

Jumper skirt out of a t-shirt

You can find her tutorial here:

Oh my days

As my 'about me' says; I don't want to be a blogger really. And the last time I was classified as 'good with computers' was when it was still pretty new and people were learning to turn it off and on. So, I'm feeling pretty ancient here, as everyone seems to know how to make a good blog now, and I really have no idea why it needs a 'Schedule', 'Label', and whattheheck is a 'permalink'?

Either way, I thought I should fill it up a bit, as it's looking quite empty, so I'm just going to put in some pictures of what I've done previously (whatever I have at hand really), and then, hopefully, I'll be linking you up to a couple of good tutorials in no time :)

...Do I just put my pictures straight in here, or..?

Oh, wow. The pictures I have at hand is sooo far from good and blog-fancy that it's almost.. actually, I'm making a new type of retro here, and I'm posting it. No old wooden fences, no clothes hanging from a tree, just blurry photos of hands holding up clothes. Retro. To be honest, these pictures are YEARS old, from the time when I still took pictures of my work. Everything was a first back then, so I took pictures and bragged to my mom a lot ;)

My first tablecloth. Never again.

First skirt and babydress.

And here's something you can do with leftover yarn.

My happy male model --->

 I sure hope this isn't a preview of my blog to be.. Well, clicking publish now!