Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Applique tablecloths

Today has been a very productive day. No housework, but I've crossed out two very tedious tasks from my list; making the skeleton leaves, and finishing the set of my applique tablecloths.

Should you happen to be new to appliqueing; it's a great technique to add some fancy to your plain fabric. Cut out your design, whatever design your heart desires, (that's what's so great about it), and pin it down to your plain fabric.
I chose to cut out some leaves from scrap curtain-fabric.
Use a zigzag stich right on the edge of your design, and start sewing, being careful around any curves.
And you're done, nothing to it!
If you'd like a more detailed tutorial on appliqueing, I found some great tips here.

I also started adjusting the colors on the paperlamp I upcycled a month ago. The fabric flowers were a bit too blue for my liking so I made them a bit lighter. These are fabric flowers you can easily make yourself following this Fabric Flower Tutorial.
 And as a "bee-path", I glued down some thumbtacks that I'd cut the needles off of.
That's it for me today. I hope you have a creative (and good) Wednesday!