Thursday, 27 September 2012

In honor of...

...horrible cramps!
I finally came up with an idea for what to do for Jian's birthday, and I am just so relieved! You know, when you're broke and you kind of just give in and say "I'll just have to give him something great next year", but you're still so sad that your special someone has to have a birthday without a gift. He's male as well, so it's not like I can just make something cute to hang jewelry on, add some flowers and wrap it pretty! So I've been working on that all day. It's small, but very timeconsuming, especially since I want it to be something he'll actually use, so it has to look professional (no pressure for my mediocre hands). Am I the only one who finds it extra hard to come up with ideas for a homemade gift for men?
Back to the cramps; I can't show you what it is until the 3rd of October, so I thought I'd share with you a project I can't wait to do tomorrow morning. Making my own heating pads. I think this will be in a lot of people's gifts from now on. ;) ..don't think I'll make mine red though.
Anyhooo - there's a full tutorial, but this is not really something you can fail with. And how cozy do they look? Quick and easy, but with a great feeling of accomplishment (the best way to craft)!
I think I'll make one specifically for shoulders as well. That'll be nice for the coming winter.
 What are you making for the coming winter? Is anyone else starting to mini-panic about christmas gifts?