About Iwillusethat

I want to show you what I've tried from other tutorials, and spare you some time if you're a mediocre crafter like me - on a MAJOR budget! seriously, I'll use A LOT of superglue, homemade Mod Podge, and cereal boxes. - by showing you what I've failed and succeeded at. I will also admit when I'm straying from the pattern, and tell you how I cheated my way through it.
 I'm 24, I live in the UK with my partner. And while failing to find a job (can't cheat my way to succeed at that), I will be wasting my time here, while watching old episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I wanted to say more, but I ended up saying too much, and I don't think you'll be my friend after reading that. Let's see if I can't get this thing started :)

Happy crafting!