Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Make-shift corner shelves


I'm back! I know it's way later than I said I would be, but I've been a busy bee lately. I do however have a cheap treat for you poor, broke (or just plane ol' stingy) bastards out there. Easy corner shelves for empty wallets! :) 

What you need:

Crates x3  
(try your closest convenient-store, they usually use crates for their vegetables)

Tinned Cans x4

Wallpaper, decorative paper


I didn't make step by step picture-tutorial, because the instructions are quite simple really. Take your crate and decorate it as you wish. I cut out some leftover wallpaper and glued it to the back with my trusted homemade mod podge (Elmer's Glue and water).  


I did the same with the tinned cans, and then I set it up against the wall. 


If you want, you could hot glue the tinned cans and permanently join the cans to the crates. This is the best solution I have for making it sturdier, but I'm sure there's lots of better solutions out there. I didn't make mine permanent, because I'm on the look-out for an actual corner shelf, and I want to keep the crates for a different project in the future. 

And that's it! You have your shelf for next to nothing :) 


And I'm sorry about the picture-quality, it happened when I tried to rearrange them. I'll redo them later.