Saturday, 29 September 2012

Skeleton Leaf Fairylights!

This is one of the longest projects! Because it was a long project, this will be a bit of a long post as well.
I hate long projects. The making of the skeleton leaves took ages in themselves, BUT - to make it worse, I also hated the green color of my fairy lights.
 Don't hate your green, embrace it. Accept whatever color your fairy lights come in, they are what they are, don't try to change them. It took ages! Mostly because I was using floor-paint, and that takes long to dry, but my color has also started to peel off. I actually don't mind that though, as it adds a bit of a rough look to the pretty.
Now for dinner. This lovely meal costs next to nothing. Just go outside, pick about 60 leaves (be sure to check for those with bugs on - extra protein!), get back inside and boil with half a cup of washing powder.
 Mmmmmmm, tasty!
In my previous post I mentioned the Skeleton Leaf Fairy Lights tutorial, and I thought today this week was a good week to try it out. The maker of this tutorial made it sound so easy to just go get some leaves, but for me it was a different, more time consuming matter. Do it like me! Put on gloves (I hate bugs), and check each and every leaf for creepy crawlies. Scream a bit when a spider crawls over your glove, decide you've had enough, and run back in the house with a little 'spider on me, spider on me!'- dance.

Then you will check them all again before cooking, as I try my very hardest never to kill anything (I know, I know, Jian's sister calls me the Earth Child..), and then there's just the wait. It didn't smell bad at all actually, the washing powder smelled quite lovely :)
I decided to add a bit of sparkles to mine. I love doing that!
As I said before, I have no ribbon. But at LIDL today I saw this plant-protector thingy made out of 'jute' (?), and I thought it would be perfect! 2 pounds for a huge bag, which means lots of jute-bows.

What do you think, will a 17 year old be happy for these in her room for her birthday?
It's a shame I don't like long projects, because I would quite like to have some of these myself (if I may say so..myself).