Thursday, 20 September 2012

Oh my days

As my 'about me' says; I don't want to be a blogger really. And the last time I was classified as 'good with computers' was when it was still pretty new and people were learning to turn it off and on. So, I'm feeling pretty ancient here, as everyone seems to know how to make a good blog now, and I really have no idea why it needs a 'Schedule', 'Label', and whattheheck is a 'permalink'?

Either way, I thought I should fill it up a bit, as it's looking quite empty, so I'm just going to put in some pictures of what I've done previously (whatever I have at hand really), and then, hopefully, I'll be linking you up to a couple of good tutorials in no time :)

...Do I just put my pictures straight in here, or..?

Oh, wow. The pictures I have at hand is sooo far from good and blog-fancy that it's almost.. actually, I'm making a new type of retro here, and I'm posting it. No old wooden fences, no clothes hanging from a tree, just blurry photos of hands holding up clothes. Retro. To be honest, these pictures are YEARS old, from the time when I still took pictures of my work. Everything was a first back then, so I took pictures and bragged to my mom a lot ;)

My first tablecloth. Never again.

First skirt and babydress.

And here's something you can do with leftover yarn.

My happy male model --->

 I sure hope this isn't a preview of my blog to be.. Well, clicking publish now!