Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sickday already

I've been pretty ill lately, so I want to make something, but I can't gather my head enough to actually do it. SO, I thought I'd put up some links to projects I really want to try, but facing the truth; I probably wont.
My partner's grandmother gave me her old sewing-machine recently, and I just love it. But despite my nagging her through my teens, my mom never actually taught me how to sew, so I'm really bad at it. I still try though, and here's some of the projects I want to try next:

Jumper skirt out of a t-shirt

You can find her tutorial here:

Mail Organizer Tutorial
Now, this one I won't do for two reasons: I already have my one made out of a cereal box. Notice the lovely dead flower next to it.

 2. I need my fabric to be used on things I don't already have in my house (which is a lot).
But, it's gorgeous right? You can find the tutorial here:
The Autumn Cape
Love this! I just don't think I'll be able to make it. I'll try though, once I can afford to waste some fabric. Now, the maker of the tutorial says it's pretty easy (she claims she's not a sewing genius), so give it a try! How to make an autumn cape
Autumn Bag
No offence to the maker of this pattern, but I don't think this one should be too hard to make, even without a patter. So I'll definitely be trying this soon, because it is gorgeous! But having the pattern for the lining and pockets is always helpful, so if you want to buy that, you can do so here: Bicolor Bag Pattern
Welcome Sign 'Tutorial'
Last, I thought I'd share what I did to brighten up my tiny porch between my front door, and weird inner door (I'm not from the UK and this is weird to me, as there's not even space for shoes there). Someone was throwing out this old, ugly, bashed up little basket, and I took it while on a walk with my boyfriend. Actually, this was a skip which I had been yearning to take things from every time we passed it, but he always refused to stay with me, making me feel like a thief, so I never took anything. When he finally agreed to stand with me, I got so excited that I took the first thing I could see (leaving me very sad that I missed both a shelf and a pictureframe..). I also wanted to prove a point, that i wouldn't make much sound and wouldn't look like a creep outside their house, so I took the basket quickly and we left.. Bad choice. BUT, I proved my point, and proved him wrong when he doubted that I'd make anything of it.


This is a great way to use all the scrap-fabric you have left. After some serious washing, I spray-painted the basket gold, which wouldn't be my first choice, but the only paint I had. I wrapped the basket with the scrap-fabric I had, and made some bows that I attached to each corner. Out of a cereal-box (great crafting-material) I cut out the cloud-shape, painted it with blackboard, and attached a brassed paper fastener in each corner. And voila! It brightens up my porch perferctly, and I love it :)
If you make anything today, I'd love to see it. I could use a creative kick in the butt :)  
Was this post too long? I'm still learning here. I'm actually holding back ;)