Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Happy Birthday Jian!!

26! You're an OLD OLD man!! Soon you'll be saying things like "damn kids, get off my lawn! I will beat you with my walking stick!" (Violence-jokes aren't funny.) :)
 <3 you
So this again, will just be a quicky. I will take proper pictures of Jian modelling it later, but for now I know you're all dying to see what I made him for his birthday. Right?



So this is an old watch he was given years back, but never really wore. I took off some straps I had on an old punk-bag (from back in the day when I was a wannabe-punker. Embarrassed? Noooo.....), adjusted/fiddled for ages, and sewed it on a cuff from one of my shirts. No machine this time, because I wanted to get it perfect, and I wanted the thread to stand out. Now, I don't have fancy schmancy things like embroidery thread (oooh), so I took my regulare ol' thread and sixtuppled it (is that even a word?), took a needle, and had at it. It took ages. And Jian was so cute when he got it! He was all like faking it, asking "where did you buy this?", knowing fully well that I made it, and stuff :) So, phew! Another birthday dodged!
This is going to sound horrible, but his grandma never gets us anything, and so I didn't really make her anything. She happens to be a genius at everything (painting, sewing, crocheting, knitting, the world) so I didn't feel comfortable making her something out of the crap I have laying around. But shhh!, don't tell anyone I said that.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to give any pictures of his birthday-dinner and whatnot. I didn't even give him a proper birthday-breakfast, like you're supposed to. I am SO sorry!! I woke up in a state of panic, telling him he had to go to the pharmacy for me. Because I'm dumb... I cleaned out my piercing yesterday, several times, with Savlon, not knowing that I was
supposed to dilute it with water, and now I have an acid-burn on my face, blisters and all. So I don't want to meet anyone. Ever again. It burns, it looks disgusting, I feel so dumb. It's on my lip, and it looks like herpes. IN MY DEFENCE! -Where I'm from, we have normal, non-acidy anti-septic, that doesn't eat your face. So it didn't even cross my mind.
Learn from my mistakes, cleanse safely and don't drive without a licence! And on that random note, have a nice day :)