Saturday, 27 October 2012

7 great Halloween tutorials

I am doing some personal life maintenance, and I will be back wednesday (if not sooner), with something quite cool for you guys :)

Halloween is coming up, and personally I can't wait to dig into some really bad, old classics. Freddy, IT, Nightmare Before Christmas (NOT to be counted as a bad one, their songs simply make me happy!).
I searched the net for some fun Halloween tutorials. I tried to gather something budget-friendly, and I found some really great ones!
I love any excuse for special and fun decor, but unfortunately I can't afford to this year.
Do you transform your house for Halloween? What will you be watching whilst ignoring those pesky little beggars? ;)

shadow tree decoration
I might be doing some tricks though. Like, I've never ever tp'ed anyone's house....that's all I'm saying about that..;)