Sunday, 14 October 2012

Handy Heart knock-off

While ripping up an old magazine for paint-protection, I saw the cutest heart memoboard. And while I would like to have £23 to use for that, I simply don't. But I refuse to yearn for things when I have cereal boxes! I swear, if I had an engine, I could build a car with cereal boxes. Hell, if I could be bothered, I'm sure I could make the engine!


Though, man I wish I hadn't gone to their website to find the Handy Heart, because they have a whole lot of cute things, and I don't have enough cereal boxes and Elmer glue.
When I have cute fabric, buttons and all in all better material, I will remake this. It was so much fun, and I really like it, but I would like it to be a bit cuter. Compared to this original cutie, it doesn't really look like much.

What you need:
Fabric for cover
Lots of glue
Thumbtacks or staples
Thread or ribbon
Decoration of your choice (buttons, hearts, stamps etc.)

Step 1: Cut out your desired shape from your cardboard, twice, and glue your pieces together.
Step 2: As a cover I chose 'faux burlap' (it's was a plant protector), and since the holes in them are quite big, I had to cover up the the colors from the cereal brand. I 'mod podged' some torn pieces from a music sheet to cover the front. You could cover the back as well if you want to be fancy. I didn't. I'm not fancy.
NB! : If you choose a fabric that isn't full of holes, you could put some batting under the fabric, to create that soft look.
Step 3: Lay the fabric of your choice  over your heart, and thumbtack it down. Now flip it over and start thumbtacking the folds on the back, while drenching the edges in Elmers glue (or staple it down, if you have such fancy things on hand).
Step 4: Stamp, stencil or decorate the front as you wish. Throw some glue on it, let your hair down, go crazy. Let the glue dry. While letting it dry, put a book on top to make sure your cardboard doesn't bend while drying.
Step 5: Remove all thumbtacks (so that you don't stab yourself on the ones pierced through the back). Take one long piece of thread and wrap it around your heart, pull it tight, and thumbtack everywhere the thread makes an 'X'.   Tie it on the back.
Step 7: Hang it on your wall (or pose pretentiously on a chair) and enjoy :)