Sunday, 4 November 2012

A short announcement

I gots a job!! From the 14th I will be selling soap and candles at the German Market eeeevery single day, all day, until the 22th of December. It's going to be long hard days, but the you're reading the blog of a Director now... I know... respect, eh? I want to say that again. Director. Director. Director!  Yeah, I took it too far. But it's probably the only time in my life I'll be able to call myself that, so Imma take advantage! Director.

How cool is this garlic soap?

My point is, I won't be too active on this blog - I simply won't have time for anything but work. I will have about 12 hours long workdays, and then there's about 1-2 hours travel, and then I have to try to fit in making breakfast, lunches, dinners, having showers, brushing teeth, not oversleep.. But this is a miracle for us. We've been in a real crunch, and this will put a proper bandaid on our debt, not to mention we could be able to get Jian's sister and mom some ok gifts for their coming birthdays. But that's it - for Christmas everyone's getting soap.

I will try my best to fit in some Christmas inspiration and tutorials (I love Christmas), but I can't guarantee anything at all. It's a shame because we had to do Christmas on a major budget last year, and I think I did ok, considering. I'll show you our Christmas tree some other day, in case you happen to have to do this year with an extremely tight wallet, it was quite cool! (Oh my, what a teaser...)

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? It's all I think about in November!